GUI Javascript library, for web audio applications developers.

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Get Started

Include KievII via the jspm CDN (with Hammer.js dependency).

<script type='text/javascript' src=''> </script>
<script type='text/javascript' src=''> </script>

Use KievII in a plugin.

define(['github:janesconference/KievII@0.6.0/kievII', ...], function(K2) { ... });

Use KievII with the SystemJS module loader.

System.import('github:janesconference/KievII@0.6.0/kievII').then(function (K2) { ... });

Create a KievII UI

// Get your Canvas Element ID	        		
var targetCanvas = document.getElementById("your_canvas");
// Create a new KievII UI
var ui = new K2.UI ({type: 'CANVAS2D', target: targetCanvas});

Add an Element to the UI

// Set the element arguments
var ElementArgs = {
    ID: 'elementID',
    /* Set the element-specific arguments here (...) */
    onValueSet: function (slot, value, element) {
        /* element callback, called when a slot gets changed */
// Add element to the UI
ui.addElement(new K2.UIElement(gaugeArgs, {zIndex: ... }));

hint See the examples page for a quick overview of the available elements and techniques

Remove an Element from the UI

// Remove element from the UI